New Arrivals - Children's

What's New in Children's - July 2, 2015

Princess to the rescue!
By: adapted by Mary Man-Kong ; based on the screenplay


American Girl. Grace stirs up success [DVD]
By: Universal Studios Home Entertainment and American
Curious George 3 [DVD] : back to the jungle
By: written by Chuck Tately ; directed by Phil Weinste



Meet the Marvel super heroes
By: Scott Peterson ; illustrated by Pat Olliffe and Hi


Flying high
By: by Nick Eliopulos ; illustrated by Loston Wallace
Friends and foes!
By: by Trey King ; illustrated by Sean Wang
Gabe : the dog who sniffs out danger
By: by Thea Feldman ; illustrated by Chris Danger
I am Baymax
By: by Billy Wrecks
Pizza party!
By: based on the screenplay "Day one, part one" by Jos
Save the day!
By: story by Trey King ; illustrated by Kenny Kiernan
These are the Avengers
By: adapted by Thomas Macri ; illustrated by Mike Nort
This is Black Widow
By: written by Clarissa Wong ; illustrated by Andrea D



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